Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Bizzare Ethiopian calendar

The Ethiopian calendar is unlike any other you know . To start with , Ethiopia has 13 months , the 13th month is called Ṗagʷəmen/Ṗagume (ጳጐሜን/ጳጉሜ) & lasts for about a week or Less .
Ethiopia also lags behind some eight Years behind the Gregorian calendar .At the time of this post, Today is 9/July/2011 & Our Ethiopian calendar indicates its 2/july/2003 .
Almost all Ethiopian based organizations , the Government and schools use the Ethiopian calendar to run their affairs.

The Ethiopian Year Begins in Sept.11 (On 9/11) & we call it Enkutatash - Happy New year in Amahric.

Amharic Coptic Begin dates

Mäskäräm (መስከረም) Tut (Thout) September 11 September 12
Ṭəqəmt(i) (ጥቅምት) Babah (Paopi) October 11 October 12
Ḫədar (ኅዳር) Hatur (Hathor) November 10 November 11
Taḫśaś ( ታኅሣሥ) Kiyahk (Koiak) December 10 December 11
Ṭərr(i) (ጥር) Tubah (Tobi) January 9 January 10
Yäkatit (የካቲት) Amshir (Meshir) February 8 February 9
Mägabit (መጋቢት) Baramhat (Paremhat)March 10 March 10
Miyazya (ሚያዝያ) Baramundah (Paremoude) April 9 April 9
Gənbot (ግንቦት) Bashans (Pashons) May 9 May 9
Säne (ሰኔ) Ba'unah (Paoni) June 8 June 8
Ḥamle (ሐምሌ) Abib (Epip) July 8 July 8
Nähase (ነሐሴ) Misra (Mesori) August 7 August 7
Ṗagume (ጳጐሜን/ጳጉሜ) Nasi (Pi Kogi Enavot) September 6 September 6

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