Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ethio Telecom ( Telecommunication ) Fixed line and Mobile Tariff.

Ethio Telecom Call Tariffs :

Mobile/GSM related tariff:
0.72 cents on peak hr, plus 15% VAT, will be charged for all calls from mobile to mobile, mobile to fixed telephone and fixed telephone to mobile

EVDO service

1 GB internet access for Birr 300 monthly payment.
2 GB internet access for Birr 500 monthly payment.
4 GB internet access for Birr 700 monthly payment.

Subscription Fee : 236
Charge Beyond Limit : 0.35/MB. (The price are inclusive of VAT )

CDMA(2000) 1X

0.10/minute in Peak hours and 0.07 Off Peak hours for the first 1300 minutes usage within a month.
Extended Usage :
0.07/minute in Peak hours and 0.04/minute Off Peak hours. Plus a 15% VAT charge. (Add 15% VAT on the prices).

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