Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ethiopian History :Belay Zelleke & The Conspiracy against Emperor Haileselassie.

A subprovince ruler of Gojam , Dejazmach Belai Zelleke ,( Dejazmach - title for War heros ) became insubordinate to emperor Haileselassie-I,loudly proclaiming that he was not going to be part of a monarch that deserted its country in its greatest Travail. He thus organized a conspiracy that involved a number of the emperor's guard which ended in bloodshed . The Emperor ordered a show trial and Dejazmach Belay Zelleke was hanged in publicly in the capital Addis Ababa .
ባንዲራው የዘለቀ ልጅ
ባንዳ አባራሪ እድሜው ሳይደረጅ!
ባንዲራው የዘለቀ ልጅሶላቶ ገዳይ ጦሩ ሳይደረጅ
የዘለቀ ልጅ ቆራጥ ወታደር
ጠላቱን ገዳይ ሳይውል ሳያድር
ነጭ ሰው ደምሳሽ
ያገር ደም ምላሽ
በላይ ዘልቀ የአትዮጵያ ሱሪ
ጠላት ሲመጣ ሊሆን ተሰሪ
በላይ ዘልቀ የባንዳ እረኛ
የማያስቀምጥ የማያስተኛ

Dej. Belai Zelleke now has a street & a public school named after him in Addis Ababa for his bravery .

Other Dejazmaches ,such as Dej.Tekle Wolde(1900-1969) were also imprisoned for speaking about reforms or lack of democracy in the country.

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