Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three wrongs ethiopian people frequently do

Brushing Teeth should not be considered a day job

Brushing Teeth is one very neglected habit in Ethiopia .For those of you who do not know this fact , a majority of Ethiopians do not consider teeth brushing a daily hygienic process but something one does on a SSM(Sunny Sunday Morning ),when not being being bothered by anything  .Some do it just before leaving for a wedding ceremony .

Reading a book helps

This obviously its the biggest challenge my people are faced with. Reading. Of course,most are keen to read materials that pertain to the things they are doing or at least are forced to , but how about those things that are maybe totally unrelated . Such as an accountant reading about Greek Mythology and some body whose job is at an office working through papers , may find refuge reading about  Indian cuisine.

Vegetables are Healthy Cheap food

Vegetables are cheap in Ethiopia. There is a good reason to that.It's because 8 out of 10 people in Ethiopia are growing them. Europe and America produce tasty, processed food which eventually will create some sort of complications in your kernel (Inside your body ). Some sort of Cancer probably.

In this regard the whole food chain scheme is in favor of an Ethiopian . Processed and unhealthy food, including high Fat,calorie food stuff (ex. meat)are three times just as much as their counter parts,Vegetables .

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