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100 professor blogs

100 Best Professors Who Blog
These professors discuss anything and everything.
  1. Tomorrow’s Professor: Get a look into what the future holds for professors from Tomorrow’s Professor.
  2. The Thoughts of a Frumpy Professor: This professor shares thoughts of a small town, middle aged professor.
  3. Terminal Degree: Terminal Degree writes about the tenure track.
Visit these blogs to learn from business professors.
  1. Professor Michael Roberto: Professor and author Michael Roberto blogs about leadership, decision making, and competitive strategy.
  2. Tom Davenport: Check out Tom Davenport’s blog to get insight into information technology and management.
  3. Billso: Learn about management, mobile computing, and information systems from Bill Sodeman.
  4. Sustainable Business Design: Read this blog to look into the intersection of economic, social, and environmental interests.
  5. MarketingProfs Daily Fix: This blog offers a daily dose of marketing education.
  6. Deal Professor: Professor Davidoff discusses mergers and acquisitions on this blog.
  7. Work Matters: Get a look into the links between managerial knowledge and action from Bob Sutton.
  8. The Near Futurist: John Sviokla writes about the coming future of business.
  9. Robert Salomon’s Blog: Robert Salomon is an associate professor of management at the Stern School of Business.
  10. Managerial Econ: Check out this blog about economic analysis of business practice.
  11. Yoko Ishikura: Yoko Ishikura offers a discussion on corporate strategy, competitiveness, and more.
Math & Science
These blogs are written by top math and science professors.
  1. Nerdy Science Blog: Get nerdy about science on this blog.
  2. Female Science Professor: This professor offers a glimpse into the life of a female science professor.
  3. Bad Astronomy: Check out Bad Astronomy to learn from professor Phil Plait.
  4. Sciencewomen: This scientist and engineer discuss the changes they want to see in science.
  5. Impact Lab: The Impact Lab offers a look into the future of human experience.
  6. EvolutionBlog: EvolutionBlog is about the dispute between evolution and creationism.
  7. YoungFemaleScientist: Read about the life and work of a young female scientist on this blog.
  8. Cosmic Variance: This group blog is all about physicists and astrophysicists.
  9. Pharyngula: PZ Myers, a biologist, writes Pharyngula.
  10. Medical Futility Blog: Thaddeus Pope writes about policy and developments in medical futility.
  11. Dr. Wes: Westby G. Fisher discusses cardiology and internal medicine.
  12. Neurotopia: Learn about neuroscience on Neurotopia.
  13. Drug Monkey: These bloggers work as scientists in biomedical and basic science.
  14. BrainBlog: On BrainBlog, you’ll read about the brain and behavior.
  15. Ourboros: Ourboros discusses research in the biology of aging.
  16. Professor Astronomy: Professor Astronomy will help you keep up with the latest in astronomy.
  17. NeuroDojo: Train your brain with the NeuroDojo blog.
  18. The Mind of Dr. Pion: Read ravings on physics, politics, education, monitoring, and more.
  19. Janus Professor: Janus Professor writes about travels in a two-body life.
  20. EagerEyes: Get a look into visualization and visual communications through this blog.
  21. Science Musings Blog: You can learn about science musings on this blog.
  22. The Blog Prof: The Blog Prof is an associate professor of engineering discussing politics, science, and more.
  23. RealClimate: RealClimate is all about climate science.
  24. Explorations in Science: Explore science with Dr. Michio Kaku, professor and popularizer of science.
With these blogs, you’ll be able to learn from technology professors.
  1. Andrew McAfee: Andrew McAfee discusses the business impact of IT.
  2. Shtetl-Optimized: Scott Aaronson’s blog discusses quantum computers and more.
  3. Details of a Global Brain: Read this blog about interface, interaction, and information design.
  4. Open IT Strategies: Joel West offers a look at the use of open-ness as a competitive strategy.
  5. Knowing and Doing: Read Knowing and Doing to find the reflections of an academic and computer scientist.
  6. Harga-Blog: Andrew Hargadon’s blog is a conversation about technology, design, and creativity.
  7. Technology and Organizations: Read Terri Griffith’s blog to learn about technology and organizations.
  8. Technology & Marketing Law Blog: Check out what Eric Goldman has to say about the laws of technology and marketing.
Law & Politics
Check out these blogs written by professors of politics and law.
  1. ImmigrationProf Blog: These bloggers offer a law professor’s view on immigration.
  2. TaxProf Blog: Paul Caron is a professor of tax law at the University of Cincinnati.
  3. Patently-O: This blog offers a look into patent law.
  4. Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds is a law professor, author, and more.
  5. ProfessorBainbridge: Check out this blog to read about the life and work of a corporate law professor.
  6. The Volokh Conspiracy: The Volokh Conspiracy offers a look into the US legal system and courts.
  7. Concurring Opinions: Concurring Opinions discusses the law, universe, and more.
  8. PoliBlog: Read about the master science of politics on PoliBlog.
  9. The Faculty Lounge: On this blog, you’ll find conversations about law, culture, and academia.
  10. Discourse: Discourse writes from the fringes of the public sphere.
  11. The Hugh Hewitt Show: Hugh Hewitt discusses politics and current events.
  12. Indisputably: On this blog, you’ll learn about negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and dispute resolution.
Get a look into history from these professors’ blogs.
  1. The Cranky Professor: This professor offers a cranky view on history.
  2. PaleoJudaica: PaleoJudaica offers a look into historic Judaism.
  3. Informed Comment: This president of the Global Americana Institute discusses thoughts on the Middle East, history, and religion.
  4. Tenured Radical: Tenured Radical is a professor of history and American studies.
  5. English Eclectic: English Eclectic offers perspectives from an English historian.
  6. Scattered & Random: Scattered & Random writes about history, power, politics, teaching, and more.
  7. The Little Professor: The Little Professor writes about things Victorian and academic.
  8. Liberty & Power: This group blog offers historic insight from George Mason University professors.
  9. Blogenspiel: This "Damned Medievalist" delivers her spiel on this blog.
  10. Cliopatria: Follow this blog to learn about the past, present, and future.
Read these blogs about economics and finance written by economics professors.
  1. Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal: You’ll find the semi daily musings of an economics professor from Berkeley on this blog.
  2. The Transportationist: David Levinson’s blog is about networks, economics, and urban systems.
  3. Financial Literacy and Ignorance: This blog considers how very little people know about personal finance.
  4. Organizations and Markets: You can learn about organizations and markets from this group blog.
  5. Infectious Greed: Paul Kedrosky writes about finance and the money culture.
  6. Core Economics: Core Economics offers commentary on economics, strategy, and more.
  7. ProfessorVC: You can learn about entrepreneurial finance from Steve Bennet.
  8. FinanceProfessor: This finance professor reminds readers that finance is important and fun.
  9. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: Greg Mankiw writes random observations for students of economics.
  10. The Wages of Wins Journal: The Wages of Wins examines the economics of professional sports.
  11. Angry Bear: Read economic commentary that’s slightly left of center on Angry Beat.
  12. Economist’s View: Mark Thoma, an economist from University of Oregon, offers his view.
  13. Carpe Diem: Professor Mark J. Perry writes this blog about economics and finance.
  14. Marginal Revolution: This blog writes about small steps toward a better world.
  15. Division of Labour: Read this blog to learn more about labor.
Arts, Liberal Arts & Social Science
Study the arts, literature, social science and more on these professors’ blogs.
  1. Planned Obsolescence: Kathleen Fitzpatrick writes this blog about the disposable nature of goods.
  2. Kieran Healy: Kieran Healy is interested in economic sociology organizations, and culture.
  3. Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe: Check out this blog to learn from a lawyer and consultant psychologist.
  4. AKMA’s Random Thoughts: AKM Adam is a professor of the New Testament.
  5. Maverick Philosopher: This blog offers a variety of footnotes on philosophy.
  6. Prof. John Stackhouse’s Blog: Professor John Stackhouse offers a conversation on theology and Christianity.
  7. Cronaca: Cronaca is about news in art, archaeology, and history.
  8. The Chutry Experiment: Chuck Tryon, an assistant professor of film and media studies, writes this blog.
  9. Social Science Statistics Blog: Find conversations about social science statistical methods and analysis on this blog.
  10. Cognitive Daily: Cognitive Daily shares a new cognitive psychology article nearly every day.
  11. Curious? Blog: Todd Kashdan’s blog will feed your curiosity.
Read these blogs to learn about what’s happening in education.
  1. Teaching Professor: The Teaching Professor works to educate, engage, and inspire.
  2. Critical Mass: Erin O’Connor writes about the state of academia in America.
  3. University Diaries: University Diaries is a description of university life from a professor of English who wants to change things.
  4. Easily Distracted: Easily Distracted is all about culture, politics, academia, and more.
  5. Dangerously Irrelevant: Dangerously Irrelevant is about thoughts on technology, leadership, and the future of schools.
  6. How The University Works: Learn about the tuition gold rush from this blog.

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