Monday, November 30, 2009

setting up the perfect Profile for your facebook

Thinking of 'the perfect profile' is some how a non-existent fact, there is always some one
some where who just happens to have a better profile better than you or myself.If you need to set up a
an almost perfect profile for your facebook profile,follow the following simple guide lines

step 1 :

Profile Picture Matters.

Get your own picture ,facebook is all people sharing stuff online & what people really want to see is your pictures .Ok, so while you set up your profile pic make sure its not some thing vague ,like a tiger or just one of those Microsoft window's wallpapers , i personally hate those.
while you're still here you should make sure that the profile picture shows You & only you. You don't want to confuse 'potential friends' from adding you .

step 2 :

Keep things simple

writing too much on your profile info can have an adverse effect that might back fire on you. Just make your self available to those who ask for it :)

step 3:
Be original

Ok here is what i hate most , just because your friend said he/she likes some movie series ,you don't need to echo that back to anyone , in fact you can tell your friends about your weird but cool ideas that hit you while you took the sub way.

step 4 :
More photos ?

Yes , having more pics and videos is advantageous , remember some people hate to read i mean literally !

Have fun

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