Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to make 10,000 friends on facebook .

Hi, i'm back again with a new tip.If you are wondering how to be 'a cititzen' of our planet you need to know all sort of people & what makes facebook more interestng & more popular than other social networks is ,its strict rules towards adding friends.Despite these strict algoritmic rules by facebook facebookers now have hundreds and even thousands of friends and mutual friends.
So if you really want all those people as your friend here is what you do.

Gather emails ,hundreds & thousands of them .we're going to use google to help us in our Quest.
open google.com & search for emails with the following string

" emails filetype:csv "
It will search for any email field in a csv file.

if you want to be more specific & say emails from yahoo

"@yahoo.com filetype:csv "

or if you want emails from a specific college or company use this
"inurl:school.edu email filetype:csv"

After you copied or downloaded the csv files ,everything else is pretty forward , you go to your friends invitor on facebook & provide those thousands of emails then facebook will gladly send friend's request to those who have already joined & an invition to those who haven't yet.

Have fun

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