Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Facts & Frequently Asked Questions about Ethiopia

Will I starve to death if I go to Ethiopia?
Why is Ethiopia a symbol of hunger?
Is Ethiopia a desert?
What do Ethiopian people Eat?
What is the most favorite/common Ethiopian food?
Are there many Vegetarians in Ethiopia ?
What is Injera?
Will I get sick if I eat Injera ?
What is WOT ?
Is it okay if I say no to Ethiopian food? Will my host be upset?
What is the difference between Abyssinia and Ethiopia?
What is karia & Berebere ?
Are there vegetables in Ethiopia?
Do Ethiopian children go to school?
What kind of skin color do Ethiopians have?
What kind of eye color do Ethiopian people have?
Are Ethiopian people Pretty & handsome?
Is it safe to go to Ethiopia?
Do I need a Visa to go to Ethiopia?
Do Ethiopians Like white People? Are they racist ?
What is Ethiopian language?
How do you say ‘foreigner ‘in Ethiopian language?
What is the largest Ethnic group in Ethiopia?
Is there a fight or Serious tension between ethnic groups in Ethiopia?
What is Ethiopian language?
Is Ethiopia a safe place to drive?
Who is the richest person in Ethiopia ?
Can I drive a car in Ethiopia with my home country driver’s license?
What are the penalties to reckless driving in Ethiopia?
What type of cars do Ethiopians drive?
Do Ethiopians Drink beer, wine, alcohol?
Are Ethiopian people educated?
Are there universities and colleges in Ethiopia?
Does Ethiopia has a subway system I can use?
Are there mobile phones & Internet in Ethiopia ?
What sort of music do Ethiopian people Listen to ?
Are there Rock bands in Ethiopia, like the Lincoln park ?
Who has the most power in Ethiopian politics?
Is Ethiopia Democratic?

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