Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Habesha swag


  1. I do not get the purpose of this site? what is your blog about? You are asking for money for kids below and then you have a naked woman on top among other confused photos? You donot need to have a blog just to have one - you need to have something to say. The easiest thing to start these days is to start a blog. If you do not have a purpose from the start, you will end up posting shit like this and we come to see your blog because you called it habesha and it is really a complete waste of time!

  2. Hey 'anon' , I would understand your 'frustration' ,a bit at least. But I believe both posts are relevant in their own way. Plus , the blog is about my views, what I've experience and think is important to share. The blog is NOT a charity website, but if I write something that will have some +impact so be it . It's never my intension to have 'subscribers' or dedicated blog viewers or asuch! hope that explains things. if you have found the information here relevant, by all means : > make good use of it.

    fyi , life's too short, Stay happy & Don't sweat it .
    again fyi ,know for a sec there , I wanted to delete your comment hahahah but didn't .