Monday, January 21, 2013

Ethiopian Television Broadcast Pirated Match

The much anticipated match between Ethiopia and Zambia has been bombarded by commentators disgrace with Ethiopia's National Television because they didn't pay for it .

According to African Press organizations there were some African viewers are still not sure that they will be able to watch the games .

" LC2 – AFNEX wishes that televisions of Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia and Mozambique will soon join the movement and subscribe to an income-generator mechanism that should extend well beyond just one AFCON, for the sake of football, media and African supporters. "

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  1. I heard it saying and believed everybody who is considered to be 'learned' or anybody who speaks and listens to English language has heard what the commentator has been saying. When I look it from being an Ethiopian and from legal point of view, it is a real blow to our names. The commentators, who were on air bashing the Ethiopian national TV, were slightly right. So, I am a bit ashamed and felt that it is not ETV alone, which got insulted but Ethiopia and its people as well.

    But I don't think there will be any other option than stealing. TWhat they have asked is huge amount of many which is in realty impossible. They had to come to terms and broadcast the games through reasonable prices. I am not justifying the act of the crime; I am just what I felt about the said TV broadcast simply trying to pirate us-Africans. Aren’t they Africans? If they are not, let’s know them and talk with business language. But they need to understand the feelings of the many million people eager to watch the game. in the continent.

    I know piracy has many forms in many places of the world. It's a bit sad to hear anyway a government-agency which collects millions and held its name after the Ethiopians being insulted. This is not good for our image. Just imagine the broadcast coverage it has; anyone around the world who was watching the game heard it, I suppose.